ZipRecruiter 2023


Redefining how one of the highest rated job search brands shows up and stands out to employer and job seeker audiences. A refreshed brand, from color, photography, tone, and messaging rolled out across all touchpoints.
new logos

Developing a fresh color palette that reinvigorated and honored the brand, was versatile, and accessible from marketing to product was critical.
color proportions
color proportions
mobile web

Hand done markups as a visual device add a personal touch and help emphasize the key takeaways in the refreshed messaging.
mobile web

High contrast in the typographic system adds versatility and anchors the bold new tone.


As the product evolved and got smarter, a stronger and deeper visualization of the persona behind the product was needed. I developed a new concept to bring the brand's beloved Phil to life, digitally.
Phil old
The old Phil.
Phil static

The new visualization is based on 4 simple rings that represent the pillars of the brand and form an elegant "P" shape. In the product, the rings multiply to signal the relationship between employer and job seeker. The resulting 8 ring visual dynamically interacts with job seekers. As Phil "delivers good news", "listens", or "delivers great matches" the visual animates inline with key moments along the job seeker journey.
Phil spiral
Phil 2
Phil spiral

The rings present in 2D for a bold, graphic simplicity, but occupy a 3D space as they come to life.

Phil listening.

Phil animating into his static state.
Phil viz


I collaborated on a number of strategic partnerships across channels to grow awareness with job seekers. Minions:

UFC fans span a large and diverse cross-section of the U.S. We showed up authentically on TV, in the arena, and in Social to connect with this engaged audience.

With STAR WARS we found a way to integrate with one of the most popular brands on the planet. We drove traffic to a bespoke landing page that blended the TV creative with ZipRecruiter's product offering to drive registrations.

Leaning into the idea of "discovery" in job search, I lead creative on custom fortune cookies that both surprised and delighted a new audience, leading to over 13k unique clicks and positive social engagement.


Telling stories of building teams and growing businesses with ZipRecruiter and finding ways to optimize the creative to drive employer registrations was a constant focus. This spot was one of the most successful in the history of the brand.
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